We are small, family run Sanctuary in Goatacre, Wiltshire. We opened our doors in 2015 with no
prior experience of taking care of farm animals, just passion and love in our hearts and Google on
our phones!
We started by rescuing a few ex-caged hens, this progressed to goats, orphan lambs, pigs, ducks and
a tortoise; before we knew it, we had over 60 mouths to feed. Over the past 3 years we have
acquired a wealth of knowledge as our family has continued to grow in size.
We aren’t a registered charity, yet, however we do not make a profit from the Sanctuary, with every
penny going straight back into feeding our animals, providing them with fresh, warm beds,
veterinary care and anything else that they may need, we both work, almost full time jobs, to enable
us to continue running the Sanctuary and caring for as many animals as we can, we also run various
open days and toddler groups throughout the year, and offer birthday parties (limited availability) to
raise all important funds.